Behavior Management


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Remember the 4-Step Model to Dealing with Challenging Behaviors:


1. Accepting and deescalating the individual (avoid power struggles)


2. De-escalate a meltdown


3. Understanding why a meltdown keeps occurring


4. Creating plans to prevent meltdowns

This is a hard work kit meant to be put into a booklet form. This helps individuals visualize how to problem solve themselves when they are presented with a task that they think is difficult or frustrating.

hard work kit.PNG

This is a token board. A token board helps an individual see how many tokens they need to earn a reinforcer/reward. The token board shows the rules (target behaviors) that need to be followed. The token board can be edited to include more/less tokens needed to earn and more/less rules. Pictures can be placed on the back of the token board to show individuals their choices for reinforcers/rewards or the reinforcer/reward can be written on the front of the token board under the, "I'm working for:" box.

token board.PNG

This is a 5-point scaleThis is used to help individuals visualize how they are feeling and what they can do when they are feeling that way. This particular 5-point scale includes a reinforcement system to help individuals be motivated to use the strategies listed on the scale. This scale can be edited to include visuals for the "what it looks like" and "things I can do" section, to not include a reinforcement system, and to include less feelings (suchas a 2, 3, or 4-point scale).

5-point scale.PNG

This is a prompting hierachy. This describes how to help an individual acquire a skill. When using a prompting hierachy, you always want to move from the least-to-most intense prompt. 

prompting hierachy.PNG

This is a social storySocial stories are used to help teach individuals about new situations, experiences, and events. Social stories help individuals know what to expect in certain situations, how individuals can act in certain situations, and also help to shape target behaviors that an individual is expected to exhibit. Social stories help individuals understand point of view as well.

controlling emotions social story.PNG
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